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We are an online ticketing platform for small and medium events, providing tickets in a cheap and secure way. Our platform is professional and user-friendly for everyone

Customise your events

TicketBuddy allows customers to customise the event page to their likings. Apply your own styling including logo's, backgrounds and banners. Add multiple tickets and choose when they go on sale. You can even set the event location, line up, description and more.


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Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or want to get in touch with us.


TicketBuddy has some unique features to make it easier for you to purchase tickets, create events and manage your association.

Cheap Pricing

We offer the lowest fees in the industry. Fees will even decrease the more tickets customers buy at once.

Manage Members

Add and remove members from your association. You can also change their roles and permissions.


We use Stripe to process all payments in a secure way. We don't store any of your payment information.


It is possible to customise the look and feel of your association. You can change the logo's, banners, and more.


Get an overview of the people coming to your events. See how much money you've raised, how many people entered your event and many more statistics.

Ticket Scanning

Our tickets are easily scannable with our built-in QR code scanner. Every ticket is unique and has your logo in the middle.

Easy Approachable

We're a small business, meaning we're easy to reach. We'll be there to help you with any questions you have.

Modern Design

We use the latest technologies to modernise your association.

Manage your association members

Allow association members to manage other members, events or even the entire association using our convenient roles system. This system even allows you to sell exclusive tickets to your members.